This course is an evolution of the technique developed by Dr Goodheart. Goodheart where he discovered that tapping at the same time Ki27 and SP21, he could modify unbalanced blood chemistry. Thanks to Richard Utt’s research and through the concept of cordinates, with the course “Tao of Blood”, you can identify and monitor kinesiologically 89 blood values ​​and 23 urine values. For each of these values, Richard Utt, a kinesiologist, but also an acupuncturist, has discovered a corresponding acupuncture point to stimulate. This is one of the most extensive courses that allow you to work on the Biochemical side of the Health Triangle. It is one of the greatest expressions of Kinesiology, demonstrating how profound and precise muscle monitoring is. In the 288 pages of the course manual, you will find, for each value of the chemistry of blood or urine, what is the function of that substance, what effect it has in the body where it is produced, what can it mean when it is altered, what are The conditions that can lead to its alteration, what is the range of this value and what is its optimal range, as an acupuncture point can rebalance it.

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