To attend “Integrative NeuroCardiology & The Divergent Meridians” it is not necessary to have attended the class “Integrative NeuroCardiology 1”.

“Integrative NeuroCardiology & The Divergent Meridians” is a workshop that deals with the Heart-Brain Axis, seen from the Traditional Chinese Medichine (TCM), point of view.   

All the Organs/Meridians are connected directly with the Heart Meridian (that in TCM is considered the Master of all Meridians), through a set of Secondary Meridians. This Secondary Meridians, the Divergent Meridians, goes from each organ, to the Heart and from the Heart to the Brain.

In this class we will work on this Body-Heart-Brain Relationship in different ways, combining Sound, Colored Lights, Acupressure, Essencial Oils and Korean Hand Acupuncture as a way to balance it. 

The goal of this work is to find our neutral space to find, then, our direction in life. Often we live our life under the influence of others or we live a life that has been imposed to us. We will clear our Heart’s Brain from past blockages and environmental influences, to express our authenticity.

We will Explore the Type of Energy called Wei Qi and it’s relationship with emotions, immune System, Autoimmune disorders and cancer.

We will, also, use Aromatherapy (Essential Oils), as a way to balance our deepest emotions and we will use Korean Hand Acupuncture’s points as a specific corrections.

This is a very deep work, that can be applied to many different types of imbalances, especially related to the concept of letting go:

    • Letting go negative emotional attitudes, 
    • Letting go cronic physical diseases,  
    • Letting go toxicities. 

What you will learn: 

  • Many Classical Chinese Medicine’s concepts, that are different then Traditional Chinese Medicine, based more on the Taoistic philosophy and the alchemic tradition;
  • How to Balance very deep emotional, physical and immune  issues through the Integrative NeuroCardiology & The Divergent Meridians corrections,
  • How to Balance the Wei Qi and the Yuan Qi Energy through the Divernent Meridians,
  • How to Balance the Divergent Meridians with the Promote Clearing or Promote Latency methods, 
  • How to apply the Traditional Chinese technique Gua Sha and points to free congestions, 
  • How to Balance the Brain, from the Classical Chinese Medicine’s point of view,
  • How to Balance the Immune System and the Thymus,
  • How to use the Korean Hand Acupuncture,
  • How to use essential oils to activate and balance emotional states,
  • How to Balance almost all cronic conditions. 

As always, Marco Rado will share his profound knowledge of Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine and will integrated them with the modern knowledge about the Immune System and the Brain and will give a wonderful tool to let go the emotions. 

In this class you will be exposed to a lot of new concepts, but there will be also several demonstrations and time to practice. 

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