THE BASICS OF LIFE - Unwinding the Living Matrix

In the last years biologists has changed the way they see cells, giving more and more importance to the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) or simply called the Living Matrix. The Living Matrix is a dynamic continuous net, that extends to all body spaces and reaches every corner of the body: every single cell is connected to all the other cells of the body! The Living Matrix has, also, a lot of biochemical and electromagnetical properties and, of course, energetical. The Living Matrix is the structural Basics of Life, where the Ground Regulation of omeostasis displays it function, involving the nervous system, the immune system and the endocrine system.

From an energetic point of view the Living Matrix’s related structures are also the Basics of Life: the 8 Extraordinary Meridians. Because they are strictly related to the genetic code, fertilization, embryological development, birth, growth and constitutions, they are on top of the energetic hierarchy and controls all the Meridians, all the organs and all the physiological functions. In this class we will teach you how to work on the Living Matrix trough the Extraordinary Meridians and trough the Osteopathic Pivotes and the Unwinding technique. This workshop is an integration between energetic, emotional and structural work and it is perfect for who wants to do a body-oriented physiological and energetic treatment.

Working with the material that you will learn in this class:

from a structural point of view, you will be able to unlock connectival and fascial tensions and pains, changing the muscle tension and the posture of the person.

from a physiological point of view, you will be able to work on quite all organic disfunction’s, especially those related to premestrual syndrome, mestrual imbalances, infertility, pregnancy and all those that has a relationship with the Neurological, Endocrinological and Immune system.

from an energetic point of view, you will be able to access the most deep and profound energetic system of the body, that controls all congenital and innate conditions.

  • This is a very “dense of informations” class and the topics of the class are:
  • The Extra Cellular Matrix, Ground Substance and Ground Regulation,
  • Electromagnetic properties of the “Living Matrix”
  • The PsicoNeuroEndocrinoImmunology (PNEI)
  • Yin and Yang, the Eight Trigrams and the Eight Archetypes, Anterior Heaven and Posterior Heaven, Genetics and Physiology,
  • The Eight Extraordinary Meridians,
  • Characteristics and functions of the Extraordinary Meridians,
  • Embriology and the Extrardinary Meridians,
  • Fertility and the Extraordinary Meridians,
  • Muscle Testing, Teeth, Bones and the Extraordinary Meridians,
  • Gravity Force and the Extraordinary Meridians,
  • The Eight Key points,
  • Course, Points and Functions of the Extraordinary Meridians,
  • Balancing techniques for the Extraordinary Meridians,
  • Extraordinary Meridians and body structure: the Osteopathic Pivots,
  • The Unwinding Technique.
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