During the course “The 7 Chi Keys” we’ll integrate ancient Eastern philosophies with the modern notions of neurology and endocrinology, exploiting the instrument of the Kinesiological Muscle Test. Kinesiology has always been based on theories of Chinese Traditional Medicine, associating every muscle with an acupuncture meridian. To this, Richard Utt, kinesiologist, acupuncturist and electronic engineer, has also added the charm of the ancient Chakra energy system.

In this course, the kinesiological muscle test is used to determine which Chakra is in imbalance, identify which kind of alteration affects it and to find out which acupuncture points use to balance it. The Chakras have a very important relationship with an individual’s spiritual and inner growth, but are also directly related to the nervous system (arise from nervous plagues and spinal ganglia) and to the endocrine system (each Chakra corresponds to an endocrine gland).

The 7 Chi Keys allow us to access the matrix that binds the physical body, the central and peripheral nervous system, the endocrine system, and with a combination of acupuncture points, to bring about a change in the physical, neurological, endocrine, metabolic and emotional aspects of the person.

The 7 Chi Keys are therefore an absolutely ductile tool and applicable to any type of imbalance linked to a change in the Neuro-Endocrine System. Richard Utt, founder of the International Institute of Applied Physiology, defined this course as his “Crown Jewel” because in just 5 days one can learn one of the most profound and effective instruments that the world of Kinesiology and Complementary Medicines has ever produced.

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