Neurocardiology is a new branch of science that studies the neurological aspects of the Heart. Neurologists have discovered that there are more then 50.000 neurons and interneurons in the Heart Intrinsic Nervous System (HINS), that creates complex neurological circuits, sufficiently sophisticated to enables the Heart to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the Cranial Brain. The Heart, also, produces hormones and neurotransmitters and there is a wider comunication from the Heart to the Brain, then from the Brain to the Heart. All this can let us say that the Heart has it’s own Brain. This is called the THIRD BRAIN.

Integrative Neurocardiology is the study of the Neurological aspects of the Heart, seen from Traditonal Chinese Medicine. In TCM the Heart performs the functions that in western physiology are assigned to the Brain. For the taoists the Brain sits in the Heart, because in the Heart lives the Shen, the organizing conscience that is able to keep in equilibrium the psychic aspects of the other organs. Shen, is everything that unables the espression of the superior cognitive functions, like self-awareness, reasoning, judgment, awareness, thought and intelligence.

In this workshop the student will learn how to format and balance all the Heart-Brain Neurological circuits and understand how determinat they are for memory, learning, stress reactions, emotional reactions, Attention Deficit Disorders, depression and many other cognitive functions.

The student will understand the functions of the Oxitocin secreted by the Heart and it role in social integration, Autism, emotional bounds, etc. and learn how to balance all this topics.

A lot of time will be dedicated to THIRD BRAIN as the Emotional Brain; the student will learn how the body handles the emotional aspects through the TCM’s meaning of Organ’s Spirits (Shen, Yi, Po, Zhi, Hun), and analyzing which are the emotions that imbalances the THIRD BRAIN and which one improves it functions. The goal is to repair all the old wounds of genetical and genealogical emotional memories stored in the heart that impede the development of the own qualities.

The Heart, also, produces the biggest Energetic Field of the body, that influences all physiological and energetical processes. This practitioner’s Fieldis is detrminant for the healing process and of the effectivness of any technique he or she will apply on the client. The student will learn how to use it’s own Field and to enhance it’s results.

This class will give a new point of view about the Brain and many Neurological functions, especially concerning emotional issues, depression, memory and learning. Will give new tools to work on others and it self.

Prerequisites: 80 hours of Kinesiology

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