Alchemy is the secret knowledge of the Middle Ages, that comes from ancient Egypt and has spread out in all ancient cultures. In this class, we will integrate the wester Alchemy with the Chinese Inner Alchemy, that is the base of Qi Gung and Taoism. This will offer us many opportunities to work on physical and emotional imbalances, on a very very deep level of the self, working on the Hereditary Energy (Yuan Qi) and on the constitutional imbalances (Jing). Marco will introduce the concept of the 3 Dantien, the equivalent of the 7 Chakras of the indian tradition; the 4 Elements: Sky, Fire, Water and Earth; the 7 Phases of alchemic Transformation, the Extraordinary Organs, the Platonic Solyds and the Taoistic Microorbit. 

“Inner Alchemy works with the goal of self development.  The outer transformation of metals being only a mirror of the inner transformation of the person.
Last week I was privileged to be a part of the Inner Alchemy training by Marco Rado. 
And true to the topic, the workshop was just a mirror for the Alchemic transformation that occurs when one connects with people that help you to grow.
What I realised most, from all the threads of wisdom that Marco so masterfully connected was that this is what kinesiology work manifests every day.  
Someone comes in asking that you ‘fix’ their symptom, but the healing and transformation of that outer physical symptom is only a mirror of the inner transformation, healing and self development that a person experiences.  
Some people are ready to change… some people need to transform gradually.  Every journey is unique.  But every journey will leave you changed”.

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