In the last decades Stress has started to be the predominant factor of any health imbalance. Cardio-vascular deceases and cancer, the two main causes of death in western countries, has a strong relationship with Stress. Every time people has not explainable symptoms, doctors (and complementary therapists) use to say “it’s because of Stress”. It’s seems that every things it’s because of stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, panic attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal disorders, swinging moods, muscular tension and pain, bad digestion and dysbiosis, and so on. Someone talks about emotional and psychological stress, others about nutritional stress, or immune stress, then there is neurological stress, postural stress, environmental stress, etc. 

But what is exactly Stress? How does the body react to Stress? How many different types of Stress do exists? 

This class will give a clear answer to all this questions and much more. In Kinesiology and in many others approaches, Stress has a key role, and it is fundamental to know exactly how the body reacts to the different stressors. 

Each stage of Stress represents a completely different set of physiological reactions. It’s the terrain of the person, with specific neurological, endocrine, immune and emotional reactions. 

With this class you will learn how to asses and balance the 3 different Stages of Stress, recognize if it’s an Acute, or Episodic or Chronic Stress; discern if there is a priority imbalance on the nervous system, endocrine system or immune system; identify the emotional aspects related and which is the main Stressor.  

A lot of time will be dedicated to analyze the different physiological reactions (Neurological, Endocrine and Immune) to the tre 3 Stages of Stress, which are the best nutritional supplements for each stage, which is the best diet for each stage, which is the best emotional approach in each stage. 

Like allways, Marco will present you in a simple, but thorough way, the interactions, the connections, the influences that each of the main Physiological Systems involves with Stress has on the others, introducing you to a real integrated Psyco-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunological work. This is a pure exemple of why Marco’s work is called Integrative Physiology!!


  • The General Adaptation Syndrom (GAS),
  • Different types of Stress and Stressors, Eustress and Dystress, 
  • Acute, Episodic and Chronic Stress,
  • Psyco-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology
  • Psycological aspects of Stress, 
  •   Coping the Stressor 
  • Neurological aspects of Stress,
  •   Hyper and Hypo Sympathicotonia,
  •   Hyper and Hypo Parasympathicotonia,
  • Endocrine aspects of Stress,
  •   The HPA axis (Hypophysis – Pituitary – Adrenal)
  •   The HPT axis (Hypophysis – Pituitary – Thyroid)
  •   Relationship between Adrenals-Thyroid-Pancreas-Gonads 
  • Immunological aspects of Stress,
  • The First Stage of Stress: Alarm, 
  • The Second Stage of Stress: Resistance,
  • The Third Stage of Stress: Exhaustion,

PREREQUISITE:  100 hours of Kinesiology

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