Pitch, Roll and Yaw

Pitch, Roll and Yaw are the names given to a series of neuromuscular tests related to Neurological Disorganization. These names were taken from aviation and the motonautics and indicate the various positions a plane or a boat can take while moving in space. This examination applied in the kinesiological field evaluates the three-dimensional integration of the various bodily segments. These segments are the legs, arms, pelvis, chest, neck and head.

These areas are rich in muscle and joint proprioceptors. These proprioceptors and their connections with the various brain areas are responsible for the integration of all bodily structures. In the evaluation of the Pitch, Roll and Yaw two body segments are placed in a specific position and is evaluated the response of a muscle assessed according to the criteria of Applied Physiology. 

Neurological Disorganization falls into three categories, with potential signs and symptoms:

1. Postural and motor changes (incorrect tonic muscular response to information coming from skeletal joints);

2. Difficulty in learning, dyslexia and other phenomena (incorrect perception of visual or auditory information, or incorrect reproduction of this information);

3. Allergies (incorrect response to a foreign substance or substance).

With simple stimulation of acupuncture points and Proprioception Integration Tecnique facilitations, enormous changes can be made in all those situations where our Neurological System responds improperly to external and internal stimuli. Typically, this one-day course is taught along with the Centering course because they handle similar and closely related topics.

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