The Centering course, is one of the three most important correction techniques used in Applied Physiology. This course is also defined as Neurological Centering because, by means of a series of Reflexes and acting on the Hyoid, the body can be brought back “on the axis”, after being out of balance, from a neurological, physical, emotional or biochemicalpoint of view.

Centering faces the imbalances of the Gates, Cloacal Reflexes and Hyoid . It explores the relationship between postural imbalances and the electromagnetic fields generated by the piezoelectric effect of the Extracellular Matrix. 

Gait: In this technique, we learn to test the crossroads of the path. This correction is very useful for all those situations where there are problems of motor coordination, switching, aching muscles, an injury, hyperactivity and dyslexia. 

Hyoid: Correcting the hypo is a very profound electromagnetic correction, also re-equilibrates the motor system and various cognitive areas of the brain. The hypoid is located inside the stomatognatic system and has important relationships with temporomandibular joint disorders.

Cloacals: With this technique we test the synchronization of cranial and sacral movement. The Cloacal Synchronization Technique refers to Coacal Reflexes, but also to Vibrio Basilic Reflexes, Neck Reflexes and Radial Reflections Reflections. They are a “straightening” mechanism and are crucial to the control and coordination of our posture and are extremely effective in re-centering the nervous system in general.

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